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Insurance for high value property and vehicles is complex and varied and will be unlikely to fit the acceptance criteria of the standard insurance market. The advice of an experienced insurance professional is invaluable to ensure that the cover arranged reflects your unique needs and lifestyle, and adequately protects your precious possessions.

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Types of Insurance

High Value Home Insurance

Your home is invariably your largest asset, which you then fill with your prized possessions collected over many years. You may be fortunate to have more than one home, perhaps even holiday homes both in the UK and abroad.

High value homes are often unique in their nature, from historic manor houses to bespoke modern mansions and often have large grounds containing outbuildings such as stables, swimming pools and orangeries.

Working closely with a panel of insurers, we have access to a range of specialist high net worth home insurance options and we can offer the most suitable protection for your individual needs. High net worth clients will often benefit from the expertise of specialist professional surveyors and independent valuers to ensure that sums insured are adequate and that any potential risks are minimised.

High value homes can contain an array of high value possessions, depending on the owners’ interests. These can range from collections of jewellery and watches, artwork and antiques, guns or valuable collections such as rare coins and medals. Most home insurance policies have limits which would not cater for such collections, but the flexible, bespoke high value insurance contracts can provide the protection needed.

Every individual has a unique set of requirements which may include cover for family holidays or pleasure craft, so we welcome the opportunity to visit you in the comfort of your home to discuss the options available to you.

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High Value Motor Insurance

Most high value households own a number of vehicles which can often be consolidated on a single “family fleet” policy. From high value Ferraris and Bentleys to everyday BMWs and Audis and also classic cars and motorcycles, a single policy reduces administration and cost, and provides a consistent level of cover for all vehicles.

Vehicle values can often be agreed at the outset, avoiding the need to negotiate claims settlement amounts in the event of a write-off. Further extensions available for high value individuals can include a full European breakdown service and comprehensive cover whilst driving other vehicles, giving superior flexibility for you and your spouse.

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