Motor Insurance

Motor Insurance may be compulsory, but there is more to buying motor insurance than simply complying with the law. Consideration must be given to the quality of the cover and service provided in the event of a claim.

Our expertise in this highly competitive field is second to none and our relationships with insurers allows us to provide the best combination of price and service to ensure that you can continue on the road with the minimum of fuss.

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Types of Insurance

Business Motor Fleet Insurance

Business fleets can vary in size from 3 or 4 vehicles to hundreds of vehicles, and can include cars, vans, minibuses, HGVs and more. A fleet policy is an ideal way to take care of all your business motor insurance requirements in a single policy. The flexibility offered by our panel of fleet insurers is often greater than buying insurance for each individual vehicle, and generally speaking the larger the fleet the more flexibility is offered.

Businesses with three or more vehicles who do not currently have fleet insurance may benefit from consolidating individual policies into a single motor fleet policy. A single policy provides consistent cover for all vehicles with one insurer and one point of contact for claims, and often allows a more flexible driving restriction than would otherwise be permitted individually. Rather than considering No Claim Discount on each vehicle, insurers look at the claims performance of the fleet as a whole and offer discounts accordingly.

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Individual Commercial Vehicle Insurance

Smaller businesses with one or two vans are more suited to individual commercial vehicle insurance policies. Cover is often arranged on a “named drivers” basis, so the full details of each driver, including details of any accidents, claims or motoring convictions in the past 5 years will be required to provide an accurate quote.

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Motor Trade Insurance

The motor trade includes premises-based business such as car bodyshops and dealerships and also mobile businesses such as mobile mechanics and SMART repairers. Requirements often vary from one business to the next but the common connection is often the need to drive customers’ vehicles. A motor trade “road risks” policy will provide cover for this basic need. However, most motor trade businesses will benefit from a motor trade “combined” policy which will also cover property (including vehicles kept at the premises) and general liabilities. Liability cover can be extended if required to cover injury or damage caused by defective workmanship.

Many motor trade businesses also have a statutory obligation to inspect all lifting equipment and pressurised vessels – this is something than can often be purchased as an extension to a motor trade policy and further advice can be provided on an individual basis.

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High Value Motor Insurance

Most high value households own a number of vehicles which can often be consolidated on a single “family fleet” policy. From high value Ferraris and Bentleys to everyday BMWs and Audis and also classic cars and motorcycles, a single policy reduces administration and cost, and provides a consistent level of cover for all vehicles.

Vehicle values can often be agreed at the outset, avoiding the need to negotiate claims settlement amounts in the event of a write-off. Further extensions available for high value individuals can include a full European breakdown service and comprehensive cover whilst driving other vehicles, giving superior flexibility for you and your spouse.

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